Improve flexibility, posture and balance

Optimize performance in sport or the arts

There is no limit to improvement

City: Wynberg, Cape Town

Venue: 18 Mortimer Street, Wynberg Pilates Studio

Date: Saturday 21 January 2017

Time: 9am-1pm

Price: R 500 per person

Feldenkrais® at Home “How do I incorporate Feldenkrais into a daily movement practice at home?” or “I always forget what we learned, how do I remember stuff, and practise it?” “What are the essential ingredients of maintaining the improvements gained in class?” are questions I am frequently asked. This workshop will teach you some fundamental Feldenkrais sequences, based on spinal movement, and then we will strategise together, how you can tailor-make a daily “work-out” for yourself. A perfect start to implementing new year resolutions! The wor...

City: Wynberg, Cape Town

Venue: Wynberg Pilates, 18 Mortimer Rd

Date: Start 17 / 18 Jan 2017

Time: Tuesdays 6:45pm; Wednesdays 8:15am & 11am

Price: R110 per person per class

For anyone considering a regular class, it is a wonderful way to increase your body-intelligence and awareness on a weekly basis, and the benefits to your body are the usual Feldenkrais magic – feeling more relaxed, alive, taller, supple and agile. Classes require booking in advance. Payment is upfront for the month, or for half a month, if you start in the middle of the month. If you cannot make one of the classes you have paid for, you are welcome to take a make-up Pilates class at Wynberg Pilates instead. You may also switch between the two...