Every Breath You Take - Feldenkrais® workshop 17 March

City: Wynberg, Cape Town

Venue: Wynberg Pilates, 18 Mortimer Rd

Date: Saturday, 17 March 2018

Time: 10am-1pm

Price: R 480 per person

Breath is the primary way we can access the connection between mind and body; to cultivate the connection with ourselves and others; to induce a state of quietness and peace and  create a refuge from stress, fear or worry about the future.  Every emotional state is reflected in the way we are breathing.  Working with breath is a sure way to enhance our ability in every  sport as well as in the dramatic arts or music.  It is a way to challenge our habits of restricting ourselves.  The workshop will explore how to free the physical structures connected to breathing, and introduce some exercises to breathe  in every part of you, so that your breath will adapt to whatever activity you are doing.  Suitable for beginners or old hands.