Jungle Moves - Feldenkrais® workshop 8 April London UK

City: London NW1 1NA

Venue: St Pancras Church Hall, Lancing Street

Date: Sunday, 8 April 2018

Time: 1.30pm - 6pm

Price: £60

Explore the building blocks of natural movement, adapted from the way we learned to move as babies, and from the movement of mammals and reptiles. These developmental sequences are freeing, relaxing and energising, plus fun and easy to do. They can be fantastically effective in helping resolve stiffness and pain, and give you ways, after the workshop, to continue an improvement in alignment, posture and flexibility. You will walk, run, swim or dance better, or manage more easily with sitting occupations. This is Feldenkrais at its best - giving the freedom to move. Beginners or more experienced movers welcome.