Improve flexibility, posture and balance

There is no limit to improvement

Optimize performance in sport or the arts

City: Cape Town

Venue: Noordhoek Mon, Wed, Fri. Tues & Thurs at the Movement Studio, 14a Bel Ombre Ave, Constantia.

Date: Ongoing

Time: 9am-5pm


R620. On-line consultations and private classes available R550 per hour or part thereof.

A 1:1 session can be really useful to progress faster or address queries brought up from classes. A series of 1:1 is ideal if you have an old injury or chronic pain, which would be better supported if you had specialised attention and movements tailor-made for you. Or if you want to progress in a sport or activity where you are being held back by stiffness or pain.

Zoom or Skype provide an ideal opportunity for 1:1 consultations, and tailor-made movement sessions, especially if you have specific needs or material you want to learn.  Please email barbara.mccrea for an initial free Zoom/Skype appointment to see if this is for you, and discuss how to take it further - how many times per week and fee structure. Functional Integration ®, the hands-on treatment, is the brilliant system of touch devised by Moshe Feldenkrais to help with many chronic conditions. Sessions (you stay clothed and lie well s...

City: International via Zoom, plus Cape Town in person.

Venue: Online. Contact Barbara for Zoom link which changes at the beginning of each month.

Date: Zoom Monday-Thursday. Live Tues 5-6pm from Feb 1, 2022.

Time: Monday & Wednesday 10am South African time (GMT+2) Thursday 5.30pm South African time (GMT +2).


Monthly Fees:

1 class/recording per week R600 / £45

2 classes/recordings per week R950 / £70

3-4 classes/recordings per week R1350 / £95

The SA Rand rate is for residents in Southern Africa, the £ rate is for the rest of the world.

Occasional Drop-Ins
R140 / £15



Feldenkrais South Africa has been successfully on-line since March  2020 with creative daily classes, providing an unprecedented opportunity for frequent practice, self-care, learning, and stress relief. " I regard your class as a lifesaver on a number of levels. Thank you from the depth of my being”. Mary S.  "We so look forward to your classes each day”. Liz D. "This is invaluable work and very rewarding..empowering us”. Simone B Physiotherapist.   In Feldenkrais classes  following the teacher’s voice with clear cues is th...

Feldenkrais Moments

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Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais® is one of the finest methods available to improve human movement and help  people overcome pain or restrictions. It teaches self-awareness and more efficient use of the self.

It gives:

  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Decrease in pain levels
  • Improved co-ordination, balance and breathing
  • Stress and tension reduction
  • Understanding of  how postural habits contribute to pain
  • Maintaining of  health and mobility with ageing
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Help with back pain
  • Improvement of skills in sports and the arts
  • Pleasure and freedom of movement
  • A feeling of well-being, calm and clarity