Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness through Movement ® (ATM) is perhaps the ultimate mind/body class available, with a host of immediate, as well as long-term benefits. You refine sensation and explore how to master movement and gain freedom of movement. The best thing about this kind of change, which happens in the brain itself, is that it is surprisingly easy.

Awareness through Movement ® classes develop your kinaesthetic sense - the art of listening to your body and sensations, as the teacher guides the movements. You are mostly lying down, sometimes sitting, standing or being on all fours. You leave standing taller, stress gone, body moveable and free, with a profound sense of well-being. It is not usual to find the pain you arrived with at he beginning of the class, has gone.

The effects of a class transfer easily into improving daily activities or particular skills in the arts or sport, which you wish to develop.

Best results occur by attending regular classes. There are some 4 000 movement lessons developed by Feldenkrais and his master trainers.

Weekly classes R110 per class, payable upfront, for the month ahead.
Wednesdays  8.15am and 11am. Wynberg Pilates Studio, 18 Mortimer Rd, Wynberg
Booking beforehand required. You may move between classes, and if you miss a class, arrange a make-up beginners Pilates class at the studio.


The Feldenkrais Method ® is experienced either in a class or workshop (Awareness through Movement ®), or individually, in a treatment or lesson via gentle, directed touch (Functional Integration ®).

“In Awareness through Movement lessons you make the impossible possible, then easy, comfortable, pleasurable and finally aesthetically pleasing.” Moshe Feldenkrais


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