Thamsanqa Zungu:  Department Head Vocal Arts, Tshwane University of Technology

“Please accept my profound gratitude for the work you've done with our Body-Voice class. The positive response from students has been overwhelming”.

Renee Oates:  Pilates and Gyrotonic teacher

“In my post-operative recovery Barbara’s Feldenkrais classes with their gentle yet powerful movement patterns have helped me like no other”

Grea Wessels:  Physiotherapist

“The course at Universitas Hospital opened a whole new dimension in my thinking about the body as a system, about the relationship between parts; rather than a narrow focus on the problem. It was also like a weekend away at a spa, it was so relaxing”.

Mélange of feedback comments from CPD course participants

“Approachable… very knowledgeable in her field…creates a good atmosphere…learning is easy….the years of experience, the presence and lack of ego are a joy… articulate, patient…wonderful choice of words...inspiring language ”

Sylvia Glasser:  Coreographer, Dancer and former Director of Moving Into Dance Mophatong

“Thank you Barbara for helping restore my movement”

Reville Nussey:  Senior Lecturer in Education

“Barbara is an extremely skillful Feldenkrais practitioner: she has helped to relieve my ongoing lower back and hip problem in an intuitive, warm and compassionate manner. In addition, Barbara has taught me how to help myself in a non-judgmental way, and I am most grateful for her insight and wisdom”.

Claire Louw:  Springbok Triathlete and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

“Far and away the best way to spend three hours on a Saturday morning is lying on a mat, in a class, where Barbara McCrea guides you through effortless movement using the Feldenkrais Method.
No experience is necessary and athletes or the infirm are able to benefit as the nervous system re-engages with the learning we did as babies. Whenever I reluctantly arise from the mat after one of these sessions I marvel at the fact that I feel completely calm and balanced - free from stiffness and with a profound feeling of wellness.
I would also wholeheartedly recommend Barbara’s one-on-one sessions. She has very good hands and is an intuitive therapist.”

Lisa Firer:  Ceramicist and Dancer

“I have had the great honour of experiencing Feldenkrais work with Barbara. She is a deeply skilled practitioner, facilitates the hands-on work with gentleness and to great effect. I had an ongoing rotator cuff injury that I spent years trying to sort out and reached full recovery through the process with Barbara. Her Saturday morning workshops are extremely nourishing and have helped me to integrate many aspects of the Feldenkrais practise. I cannot recommend Barbara enough!”


Famously Happy:
"For a year or more, I stopped walking because my feet were hurting. At a doctor’s advice, I tried wearing special inserts in my shoes, but they threw off my balance. Eventually I learned from… a Feldenkrais practitioner… that bad posture was putting a lot of strain on my feet. It’s amazing what you can learn when you step outside the realm of people who are selling you something and into the realm of people who treat the body, not the symptom."
Neil Young, Singer/Songwriter

"I do Feldenkrais… which is absolutely fantastic"
Pat Cash, Wimbledon Champion

"I used the Feldenkrais technique to help recover my temporal mandibular joint on the side of my craniotomy. It was a lifesaver."
Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor Author My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

"Feldenkrais’ approach can radically change the life even of people who were born missing huge parts of the brain, by facilitating differentiation in the remaining brain areas."
Dr Norman Doidge, M.D. Bestselling Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist Author The Brain’s Way of Healing and The Brain That Changes Itself