Voiceconnect Internet Solutions

Voiceconnect Internet Solutions was established in 2006 and experienced in various online projects.

We operate in a wide range of business sectors and have been involved in Internet marketing since our inception. We are also involve in the farming property sector and you can have a look at farms for sale in the Western Cape at Agrifarms

Online marking does not only involve having a good working website, but also the presence of your business on the internet. Voiceconnect maintain and host various directory sites. So not only do we design your website, we promote it via our online network. Business directories includes Malmesbury, Strand, Somerset West and Gordons Bay

Contact Voiceconnect Internet Solutions Western Cape:

Phone: 073 143 9530

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Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais┬« is one of the finest methods available to improve human movement and help  people overcome pain or restrictions. It teaches self-awareness and more efficient use of the self.

It gives:

  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Decrease in pain levels
  • Improved co-ordination, balance and breathing
  • Stress and tension reduction
  • Understanding of  how postural habits contribute to pain
  • Maintaining of  health and mobility with ageing
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Help with back pain
  • Improvement of skills in sports and the arts
  • Pleasure and freedom of movement
  • A feeling of well-being, calm and clarity